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Apache Tomcat

VPS with apache tomcat

Java Tomcat (or Apache Tomcat) is a free software provided in open source code format. It is a container of Servlets and JSP (Java Server Pages) developed by Apache Software Foundation. It is written with a Java programing language and can be deployed in any Windows or Linux operating system. The most used integration of Apache Tomcat are Tomcat CentOS and Tomcat Ubuntu.

Java Tomcat runs generally with HTTP server like Apache and it is used to host your Servlets and JSP based applications. That is why Apache Tomcat is called Application Server.
Tomcat is perfect for Java beginners. In some cases, it would be useful to use JDK (Java Development kit) to optimize Apache Tomcat configuration, so that they can get the maximum of their hosted applications and get an optimal tuned application server.

World Cloud Hosting offers Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans with Apache Tomcat pre-installed and ready to be used, to enable the developers to take immediate advantage of their hosted java server without any pain or effort. World Cloud Hosting provides hosted Apache Tomcat Server with two of the best Linux server distributions as Java Tomcat CentOS and Java Tomcat Ubuntu. Both of these VPS plans contain Java Development Kit to optimize your Apache Tomcat web server for all kind of applications.
You can find Tomcat at the OS choice step.

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