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How to control your server ?


Today, any company that hosts one or more websites will need a tool to manage its server, its domain name, and web statistics, also she needs to access to the database. To summarize all: It’s required to manage their website by using a control panel.

The most known web hosting control panel is cPanel, for its simplicity and compréhensive functionalities. It can manage your entire server through a modern online graphical interface and easy to use for websites administration.

cPanel gives to the website owners the ability to quickly and easily manage their servers and websites. It’s, delivered at low cost by World Cloud Hosting.

World Cloud Hosting provides also two Free control panels:

- PowerProv is a web hosting control panel, a cPanel-like, which allows you to manage remote servers. It is user friendly and helpful in configuring Hosting Solutions.

- Webmin is a free web control panel interface (just like PowerProv) which allows users to configure their servers. Webmin can also be used as a server monitor, with power and resources consumption, and traffic supervision of uploads / downloads.

Webmin Server Control Panel is suitable for advanced Linux Server management, and PowerProv web hosting control Panel is suitable for reseller to host and manage easily an unlimited number of web sites.

World Cloud Hosting provides the both free control panel pre-installed in all its VPS Plans.



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