AXELARIS Security Process




The Security is one of the most delicate process that hosting providers have to manage and the most important feature that customer takes into consideration.

That is why World Cloud Hosting, in order to satisfy its customers, guarantees the security of all its VPS servers and Web Hosting solutions.

All World Cloud Hosting servers are secured and supervised by a IDS (Intrusion detection system) called Alienvault SIEM. This tool has many functions :

-SIEM and Logger: Alienvault manage the security information and logs information to analyze events correlation.

-Compliance Automation of Security process

-Threats and Risk Management of Security inrusions

-Security Audit Ready Reports

World Cloud Hosting uses also a monitoring tool called AlphaTron, to insure network and server equipment security. There are also Firewalls to prevent the servers from any intrusion.

World Cloud Hosting guarantees a high security level for all its customers.